Battlefield 2042 Can’t Aim Horizontally on PC - How to Fix

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Some players on Battlefield 2042 for PC are struggling to aim horizontally after the latest update. You can see all the changes on our Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes page, but in short: Update #3 solved a mountain of issues and seemingly created a few more on the way.

Thankfully though, you can fix the issue yourself by following these instructions.

How to Fix the Horizontal Aim Issue

Thanks to a Tweet from the lead game designer at EA DICE, we have a couple of solutions to the error.

Reset your key bindings

The first option is to head over to the Settings menu and reset your key bindings. If this works, head back over to our best Battlefield 2042 PC settings and find the perfect settings for you, as you might've tweaked something.

Delete the Battlefield 2042 folder

If you head into your Documents folder on your PC, find the 'Battlefield 2042' folder inside it. Delete it, and start the game up again. Hopefully, this'll solve the problem, but if it doesn't you'll just need to wait around for EA DICE to fix things in another patch.

Or you could plug a controller in, if you fancy something a little different.

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