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Can I Turn Off AI Bots In Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 has had an interesting pre-release life, to say the least, as EA and developers Ripple Effect have announced that it would be multiplayer-only with 128 players on next-gen and PC, along with the possibility of cross-play.

However, as most gamers with experience in multiplayer will tell you, guaranteeing 128 players in every game of Battlefield 2042 is unlikely and the devs know this, as AI bots will fill up all empty spaces should the player count not reach its limit before a game starts.

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Can I Turn Off AI Bots In Battlefield 2042?

Naturally, a number of players do find AI bots in Battlefield 2042 distracting and are hoping for a chance to turn them off so they can just shoot other people instead.

Unfortunately, that’s not an option as the developers have stated in this blog post that AI bots cannot be removed unless the full player count is hit.

The devs did state that players will take priority over AI bots so no one will have to worry about that in Battlefield 2042 but those that were hoping to have a decent 60 or 80 player game are going to be disappointed.


Why EA and Ripple Effect are insistent on having AI bots in Battlefield 2042 is kind of odd but we assume it’s so that players won’t have to wait too long once they’ve committed to a game.

Ripple Effect senior design director Justin Wiebe recently told VG24/7 that the AI Bots in Battlefield 2 won't just be standing around and taking bullets, claiming that they will be hard to tell apart from regular players.

“We’ve tried to put a lot of effort into making them play just like a player would. So it would be really hard for people to tell the difference between an AI and a real human player because they will run around, they will drive vehicles, they will pick each other up, they will drop [each other] off at objective locations and things like that – it’s a very intelligent system. And then you can tweak and tune some of the things they are and aren’t allowed to do, including how difficult they are to play against.” - Justin Wiebe

It will be interesting to see if EA and Ripple Effect eventually adds the option to remove AI bots but we doubt that, at least for the next few updates.

Battlefield 2042 is coming to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on October 22.