Battlefield 2042 Specialist Pyotr "Boris" Guskovsky Guide - Abilities, Tips, and Loadout

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Battlefield specialist Boris stands with a gun in hand.
Credit: EA

Battlefield 2042 offers a host of Specialists to choose from, each with its own qualities. One of these includes Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky, who is probably the most ruthless soldier to choose from.

Born in Russia, the engineer has a thirst for maximum carnage and damage. His experience in weapons and defensive tactics makes him perfect to use in modern-day cyber warfare.


Here's how to make the most out of the chaotic specialist.

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Boris Abilities and Gadgets

Boris' features revolve around his ability to use the sentry gun to amplify havoc.

Battlefield 2042 specialist Boris with his information. Place of Birth: Russia, Class: Engineer, Speciality: SG-36 Sentry System, Trait: Sentry Operator.
Credit: EA

Speciality - SG-36 Sentry Gun

Boris can deploy the powerful SG-36 sentry gun, a dominant turret that automatically detects and engages enemies within a specific range. The weapon can be deployed on flat surfaces and immediately inflicts damage to foes that enter its field of view.

Trait - Sentry Operator

If you're still not impressed by the SG-36, the sentry operator trait may sway you. Through this feature, the turret is able to tag onto enemies that enter its range. The sentry gun also notifies the Boris of these spotted adversaries, allowing you to physically see them.

Boris poses with his turret.
Credit: EA

Boris Specialist Tips

Given the SG-36's range, it's best to deploy the automatic turret in close quarters when holding onto objectives, mainly overlooking open doors or entry points. This will allow you to lay gunfire on any enemies that cross the sentry's path with ensuring that choke points in modes like conquest are protected.

Boris points forward and charges in a tank.
Credit: EA

Boris' trait also makes him valuable in pushing enemy territory. The ability to tag other enemies will give you real-time locations of where your foes are, while the sentry itself applies maximum pressure on adversaries holding onto objectives. This is in turn, allows for the steady but damaging pressing of your team and yourself towards these strongholds.


Boris Specialist Loadout idea

Given Boris' speciality in inflicting carnage through his trusty sentry gun, it's best to carry an assault rifle or LMG. One weapon that works extremely well is the LCMG, which packs a punch in intense situations:

  • Muzzle: Arcom Tactical Muzzle Brake
  • Scope: Shan 2.5x
  • Ammunition: Standard Issue
  • Mount: Cobra Grip
Battlefield specialists deploy from a chopper.
Credit: EA

The continuous onslaught of rounds pins enemies down, which is further complemented by the SG-36's aspect of tagging enemies. This allows for ruthless efficiency in crushing enemies while pressing objectives.

Boris is one of the most bombastic specialists in Battlefield 2042. His SG-36 turret gun and trait in tagging enemies make him one of the best soldiers to command while traversing DICE's dangerous warzone. With 2042 having the most expansive maps in the franchise's history, here are all of the vehicles useful in roaming air, land, and water.