Battlefield 2042's PS5 Technical Playtest Was Cancelled Last Weekend

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Battlefield 2042's had a bit of a rough start. Following numerous leaks from all sides, the Technical Playtest went live over the weekend, having previously been delayed from July. Aiming to test PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5 cross-play, that came with a last minute hurdle.

Originally launched for PC players, EA and DICE's initial plan would've seen it available on consoles over the weekend. However, while Xbox players could proceed as initially planned, PS5 owners found the plug was pulled, hours before Battlefield 2042's Technical Playtest was due to go live.

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Battlefield 2042's PS5 Technical Playtest Was Cancelled Last Weekend

Speaking about this, DICE's lead community manager Adam Freeman released this brief statement:

We’ve already identified a Critical issue with our submitted build on PlayStation 5 and have notified folks that we will not be testing on PlayStation 5 this weekend.

Unfortunately, Freeman didn't specify what this specific issue actually is, and chances are high that we'll never find out.

Either way, PS5 players can take small comfort knowing this wasn't their only chance to test out Battlefield 2042 before launch, as Freeman advises to "keep an eye on the EA Playtesting website for any future playtests we might do." Soon as we learn more, we'll keep you informed.