Battlefield 2042 Enters Early Access Without Voice Chat Feature

Battlefield 2042 is currently in early access, but not every feature is included. One such absence is Battlefield 2042's voice chat. though there are also some expected ones that are not present - such as the voice chat feature.

The Washington Post said DICE believes most players use other options for voice chat, including Discord, so they didn't believe it was a high priority feature to add. However, the dev team said it's on the game's road map and may release "as soon as Day 25."

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Battlefield 2042 Enters Early Access Without Voice Chat Feature

Select press invited to a brief review event were able to test several Battlefield 2042 modes and found that Hazard mode in particular needs a voice chat feature to work properly. Then, of course, there's the other multiplayer modes where proper coordination with teammates is vital.

Expect our detailed Battlefield 2042 impressions in the coming days, and check out our thoughts after walking away from October's hands-on preview of the battle royale game.

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