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Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Release Date: Here's Everything We Know So Far

Battlefield 2042 releases later this year, bringing frenetic environmental destruction back to the series. With many fans eager to try it out, it's lucky that there will be an open beta released in the months leading up to launch. We don't have the full details yet, but we do know how you can get early access and some details on a technical test happening soon. Here's everything we know about the Battlefield 2042 beta so far.

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Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Release Date

While we don't have a specific release date yet for the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta we do know it is on its way. In fact, EA Play revealed the Open Beta is coming in September.

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How to Sign Up

For previous Battlefield games, open beta access has been tied to pre-orders. If you pre-order the game, you can access the beta for free. Origin and EA Play subscribers should also be included. We'll have to wait for more info on this, but for now it is likely that players will need to pre-order the game to get beta access.


Early Access to the Beta

If you pre-order any of the three editions of Battlefield 2042 you will get early access to the open beta. Historically this has meant an extra day or two in the beta. Just make sure you've locked down a copy of the game.

Beta Platforms

These days many betas end up being confined to certain platforms, so you'll be happy to know that this isn't the case for Battlefield 2042. All platforms will have access at the same time, with early access being offered to those who have pre-ordered. Stay tuned for more info on getting access at launch.

That's everything we know so far about the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta. For more on the game be sure to check out our page on what's been revealed so far. Elsewhere there's our look at whether or not Battlefield 2042 will have a battle royale mode.