Battlefield 2042 gameplay leaks just keep coming

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Battlefield 2042 soldiers fight while a tank and helicopter attack overhead.
Credit: EA

Battlefield 2042's closed technical test is underway, and despite the PS5 version being cancelled due to a critical bug, the Xbox and PC versions enjoyed crossplay for the first time last weekend. However, despite being under NDA, footage from the technical playtest has emerged in some new Battlefield 2042 leaks.

The videos will probably be taken down swiftly, but these videos have us a lot of information to chew on for what's to come - thanks to Attack of the Fanboy for bringing this to our attention.

The above gameplay is a bit choppy, being an alpha playtest, but it does a great job at showcasing the huge map size and power-ups available to players, including the tank visible at the beginning of the video. This thing is fast, with an absolutely brutal-looking cannon on top which the player is able to switch seats and fire if they don't have a compatriot on board.

The destructible environments of the Battlefield 2042 maps are fully visible here too - a tank's shot completely obliterates the side of a building just like you'd expect, and the tank can run over and uproot an entire tree, just like you wouldn't expect.

It also looks like the resurrection mechanic from previous Battlefield titles will return, allowing you to return to the battle if your teammates can clear the enemy out and get you back on your feet on time. Often though, you might fancy dying off so you can tweak your loadout, specialist, and weapons before getting back into the action.


The ability to switch attachments through the Plus Menu was shown in the leaked sniping showcase, and some really satisfying hit-marker sounds should hopefully make fiddling around with loadouts and getting the perfect snipe on an unsuspecting tango feel all the more rewarding.

There's a lot to unpack when it comes to the leaked footage, so keep an eye on our Battlefield 2042 guides for some great advice on all the exciting things coming to DICE's huge shooter.

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