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Is Battlefield 2042 Coming To EA Access?

Battlefield 2042 is an upcoming title from EA this coming October. Many fans could be looking forward to see it on EA Access. Will Battlefield 2042 be an EA Access Title too?

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Not Right Now

Currently, EA has just launched the pre-orders for Battlefield 2042. As the company is still keen on selling it this way, adding it to the EA’s subscription service as a free game is unlikely.

After confirming the pre-orders, EA has also confirmed that it’ll hold an open beta and early access for the game. The open beta could be a free, tryout version of Battlefield 2042 and could be the closest to a EA Access free game treatment.

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Battlefield 5 is already in

As of now, the previous entry, Battlefield 5, can now be availed as a free game in EA Access. Players can try that instead but will feature battles set in the height of World War 2 instead of a near future setting. If aiming for a Battlefield experience that’s available for EA Access, Battlefield 5 could be your game.

Since Battlefield 2042 won’t be out until October. EA Access players still have three months to enjoy Battlefield 5 as their experience. The experience would also help players get used to Battlefield and spend less time learning the controls before playing the latest installment soon.


Could Be In October

According to the announcements, Battlefield 2042, will be released this coming October 2021. EA still has some months to announce if it’ll be included in EA Access after all. After its release, it could be added as an EA Access free title down the line.

If Battlefield 2042 follows the timeline of Battlefield 5 to be an EA Access title, it’ll take at least two years as Battlefield 5 was released back in 2018.

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