08 Sep 2021 9:41 AM +00:00

Battlefield 2042 Might Have Anti-Cheat at Launch

It looks like EA and Ripple Effect want to make sure that the launch of Battlefield 2042 goes smoothly, which is easier said than done when you have the ambitious Battlefield Portal and plans for cross-play with next-gen consoles and PC, so imagine how impressive the game will be if launched with an effective anti-cheat.

There’s been a lot of anti-cheat talk going around since it’s become a problem in a number of multiplayer games, from big-time shooters like Call of Duty: Warzone to casual-friendly titles like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, so it would make sense for Battlefield 2042 to launch with a good anti-cheat, being a full-priced, online-only, multiplayer shooter.

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Battlefield 2042 Might Have Anti-Cheat at Launch

According to insider Tom Henderson, a visible anti-cheat was noticeable during the Battlefield 2042 Technical Playtest, claiming that the shooter is using Easy Anti-Cheat.

Should this prove to be true, fans of Battlefield 2042 will be reassured of a better gameplay experience at launch since cheats in online multiplayer games are the absolute worst.

Henderson has proven to be a reliable source in the past for Battlefield news but fans should take this with a grain of salt just in case since big expectations can lead to disappointment.

We can’t deny that Battlefield 2042 launching with a good Anti-Cheat measure would be ideal so this could be very good news for anyone planning to pick up the game, assuming that this report ends up becoming true.

It remains to be seen just how helpful anti-cheat systems are though. James' interview with a video game cheats distributor indicated it's a bit of a cat-and-mouse game, with cheat developers often able to escape the wrath of developers. Time will tell.

Battlefield 2042 is coming to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on October 22.