Battlefield 2042 Constantin "Angel" Anghel Guide - Tips, Abilities, and Loadout

Battlefield 2042 is going to make sure each Specialist in the multiplayer shooter is unique, with each one playing a different role so players get more dynamic games for everyone, which is why truly patient players will be using Constantin “Angel” Anghel if they want their team to win.

While Angel can shoot enemies dead like most of the Specialists in the game, players will be in the supporting role if they decide to use Angel, as the man was made with teamwork in mind, so players that don’t mind not shooting everyone to win, they could do worse with Angel.

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Angel Abilities and Gadgets

Constantin “Angel” Anghel is meant to be played in the supporting role, helping out other players and healing them when they’re in danger, so only those that are interested in teamwork should consider using Angel in Battlefield 2042.

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Speciality - Loadout Crate

If you’re in danger or just want a big advantage over your foes, Angel can provide his squad with additional armour and ammo, while also allowing him and his teammates to swap loadouts in case they might want to use a different weapon.

Considering all of the advantages you get when using Angel’s Specialty, it would be wise to add this Specialist to the group when possible.

Trait - Trauma Specialist

Easily one of the best Traits in Battlefield 2042, Angel can revive his teammates and give them bonus armour, making him an essential member of any Specialist Squad.

Nothing else really needs to be said, so if you don’t mind having to take care of your teammates, Angel is the Specialist for you in Battlefield 2042.

Angel Specialist Tips

We’ve constantly stated that Angel is best used in a supporting role, whether that’s providing extra fire to keep your teammates safe or healing players when they’re down, so don’t go on the offensive when using this Specialist.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shoot your enemies, but do so carefully and after your teammate takes charge since there’s a good chance you will be cleaning up after their mess.

Angel Loadout Tips

Considering the role Angel will be playing, we don’t think he has to use any specific weapons in Battlefield 2042 since his main forte is taking care of the team and making sure they survive.

Still, having an AK-24 wouldn’t hurt since that weapon packs a punch from afar and Angel needs to be further away from enemies since he has to take care of his teammates.

Battlefield 2042 is coming to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on November 19.

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