Will Back 4 Blood be Cross-Platform?

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Back 4 Blood was first unveiled in the 2020 edition of The Game Awards last December. The multiplayer first-person shooter by Turtle Rock Studios is considered the spiritual successor to the legendary Left 4 Dead series of games.

There are still quite a few details about Back 4 Blood. But gamers around the world are already curious about what the game could offer, including if it will have a cross-platform feature.


Here’s everything we know so far about Back 4 Blood, including if it will be a cross-platform game.

What is Back 4 Blood?

As mentioned above, Back 4 Blood is dubbed as Left 4 Dead’s spiritual successor. The upcoming first-person shooter survival game by Turtle Rock Studios will feature an 8 player PVP gameplay centering around zombie-feral creatures.


Back 4 Blood will also include a deckbuilding feature wherein players will construct their own deck of cards which involves some game elements such as the player’s health, stamina, and damage.

Will Back 4 Blood be cross-platform?

There is still no confirmation by Turtle Rock on their marketing and promotional materials if the game will be a cross-platform one. Although a report by Gamerwatcher mentioned that the game developers already confirmed in their Discord server that Back 4 Blood will support the cross-platform feature.

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