Back 4 Blood: Can You Turn Off Friendly Fire?

Friendly fire is something you really should avoid but it's easily done in Back 4 Blood. There are so many zombie-like monsters running around that are desperate to tear you apart, that it's forgivable if the occasional bullet hits a teammate. However it can become annoying after a while, so we're here to answer the question - can you turn off friendly fire?

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Can You Turn Off Friendly Fire?

No, you cannot turn off friendly fire in the game so it's probably a good idea to avoid shooting your teammates in any capacity. If you do, for some reason, shoot your teammates then you should know how to heal in order to bring them back to avoid any sort of wrath from them.

Ways To Avoid Friendly Fire

There are a few ways you can avoid accidentally shooting your teammates. Unless you've been motivated to do it on purpose, friendly fire can put your team in a bad position because it will lower their health each time you shoot them. This is something you should avoid when it's 4 of you against the rest of the world.

Use the Down in Front Card!

If you have found or have the chance to buy the "Down in Front" card then use it! When activated, this card will remove friendly fire damage if you're crouching whilst shooting. It doesn't work if you're standing up and firing.

Improve Your Aim at Fort Hope

The main way to avoid friendly fire is to seriously improve your aim. Sometimes accidents happen in the heat of battle but if you notice you're shooting your team accidentally then it may be a good idea to visit the shooting range in Fort Hope.

Back 4 Blood firing range at Fort Hope
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Spread Out Where You Can

It's easy to be overwhelmed by hordes and they can easily push your team together to be stuck in a cramped space. This tends to be where friendly fire accidents occur because you're in such close proximity to one another that you aim for a Ridden and get your team instead. To avoid this, try to keep spread out in areas where it's possible.

Aim Then Fire

There are many weapons that can have many brilliant or basic attachments added to them, sights included. Before firing your gun in random directions you really should use the given sight or the attached one, aim down it to make sure you're pointing at a Ridden, and then fire. Random firing can lead to accidents.

You cannot turn off friendly fire so the best way to avoid it is to try to be a good teammate in Back 4 Blood. If you're new to fighting zombie-like monsters, we have some useful tips for beginners and we have a guide on how to unlock all of The Cleaners too!

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