Back 4 Blood Patch Notes - Hotfix October 14 2021

Back 4 Blood is the cooperative first-person shooter from developers Turtle Rock Studios. You gear up as one of The Cleaners to take on The Ridden, zombie-like creatures that have taken over the world. Recently, the developers rolled out a patch addressing a few concerns that have arisen in the game and some are an attempt to balance out the PvP Swarm mode. We have details of the October 14th Hotfix Patch Notes!

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Patch Notes - Hotfix October 14th, 2021

According to the official Back 4 Blood website, no patches are needed for the game on PC and Console platforms (Xbox, PS5, PS4) but instead, there are new servers that are being brought online throughout the day. With the new servers coming online you might have to wait a bit to notice any of the changes.

If you're enjoying Back 4 Blood then check out our Walkthrough Hub where you will find all of our guides for the game in one place!

Changes to Campaign Modes

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These are changes that have been made to Campaign Modes to try to address some issues that are coming up with some difficulty levels.

  • Supply Point earning rates have been adjusted for Blue Dog Hollow: The Sound of Thunder (The final chapter of Act 1) to better account for level repeats.
  • The spawn rate of roaming Special Ridden has been lowered across all difficulty levels.

Changes to Swarm Mode

These are changes that have been made to the PvP Swarm Mode where one team plays as The Cleaners and the others play as The Ridden.


  • Stinger projectile speed has been increased to 5500 from 5000.
  • Bruiser burst delay increased to 3 from 2.65.
  • Hocker projectile cooldown increased to 7 from 6.
  • Bruiser weak spot multiplier increased to 1.65 from 1.5
  • Tallboy damage increased to 20 from 15.


  • Stinger projectile spread has been reduced to 20 from 30.
  • Hocker projectile speed has been reduced to 2500 from 3000.
  • Bruiser damage was reduced to 15 from 20.
  • Bruiser's maximum health has been reduced to 800 from 850.

The patch notes should hopefully fix some common issues found throughout the different game modes in Back 4 Blood, which can ultimately improve the overall game experience for many people. We've got guides to help you out in the different modes, including one on how to beat Snitchers and another that explains how to use cards.

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