Back 4 Blood: How To Destroy Nests

In Back 4 Blood you gear up as one of The Cleaners, a team of survivors that are ready and willing to fight back against The Ridden who have consumed the rest of the world. Going up against hordes of bad-tempered zombie-like creatures is made trickier on some levels because they have Nests! We're here to show you how to destroy nests and keep The Ridden at bay.

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How To Destroy Nests

To destroy a Ridden Nest you need to find and destroy the several smaller nodes attached to the main nest. There will be 3 or more depending on where you are in the game. To find these nodes, you need to find the main part of the Nest first. This should look like the image below:

Back 4 Blood Nest Heart
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From here, look around you and you should find small trails coming off the Nest along the floor that have an amber glow intertwined in them. The image below is one such trail found in Act 1:

Back 4 Blood nest trail in Act 1
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Once you've found one of these you need to follow it and it will eventually take you to one of the weak spots of the Nest that should look something like this:

Back 4 Blood nest weak spot
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The yellow parts are the parts you need to destroy. Guns are the better option because as soon as you destroy all the yellow parts, a horde of very angry Ridden will descend on you. Once you have taken care of these, head back to the main part of the Nest.

If it hasn't grown any yellow parts then it means there are more sections left for you to find and destroy. To do this, simply find another trail with amber intertwined in it and follow it until you come to the weak spot with the yellow parts on it.

Once you've taken care of all of the weak spots, the main part of the Nest will now be ready to destroy. It will have grown a large yellow section on it and this is what you need to focus on.

Back 4 Blood active nest heart
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All you have to do is attack the yellow area until it explodes and the Nest will be destroyed. However, you must remember that destroying the Nest will make an angry horde attack you so be prepared to fight!

Learning how to destroy nests is one of the many things that you need to learn in Back 4 Blood. If you're new to hunting zombie-like monsters then we have tips for beginners and we can show you how to heal too!

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