Back 4 Blood: How To Get Supply Points and How To Use Supply Lines

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In Back 4 Blood there are many extra items that you can work towards getting, some of them are useful and some are small but fun items such as sprays. If you want to buy any of these then you're going to need to earn points to spend with Chenda at Fort Hope. We're going to show you how to get Supply Points and how to use Supply lines.

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How To Get Supply Points

To earn Supply Points you need to complete the run that you are on but you cannot earn any points whilst playing the solo campaign. You can earn points through earning XP, completing challenges and missions. The more you play through any of the online game modes, the more points you will earn, and in turn, they can be used to purchase items through Supply Lines.


How To See How Many Supply Points You Have

You can see how many Supply Points you have through your inventory screen in a run or through your "Play" screen in Fort Hope. At the top of any of these screens, you will see a trio of red cubes stacked on top of one another. The number next to this is telling you how many points you currently have. The only screen you cannot see your points on is your pause screen.

Also, when you finish a run you will be told how many Supply Points you have earned from it.

How To Use Supply Lines

To get a Supply Line you need to head over to Chenda in Fort Hope. Interact with them to bring up the Supply Lines that are currently available to you:

Back 4 Blood available supply lines

Click on all of them to see what is available to you within the line and then you can choose to focus on completing one line or you can choose to spread your points between all of them.

Once you've clicked on your desired line, you will be brought to this screen:

Back 4 Blood supply line screen boom stick spray

At the bottom of this screen, you will see all of the items that are available within that particular line. If you want an item that's near the middle or end of the line then you will need to spend your points to unlock the items before that to be able to access it.


There are 3 Supply Lines available at one time so you need to complete one before another one will become available.

If you are playing the game but find yourself getting stuck on certain parts then you should check out the rest of our guides in our walkthrough hub.

What Do Supply Lines Contain?

Supply Lines can contain multiple items that you can purchase from Sprays to Cosmetics and Cards that you can add to your deck. Some items within the lines will cost you more than others and they don't necessarily go in price order either. If your first few items are expensive that doesn't mean that the rest will be, but points are precious so it's worth taking time to consider if the item is something you really want.

Supply Lines are really useful in Back 4 Blood as they can provide you with items that improve your chances of winning a fight and they can give you extra cosmetics which will help you when you know how to customise your character. Earning Supply Points requires you to complete a run so if you're new to the game, we have some beginner tips that should help you through it!