Back 4 Blood: The Best Cards for Your Deck

Back 4 Blood has a card system that activates at the beginning of each game and determines how the level turns out. Each time you play a level, your experience can be completely different because of this system. There are a lot of cards to get your head around so we're going to show you which ones are the best cards for your deck and which category you can find them in.

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The Best Cards for Your Deck

The best cards for your deck will ultimately be down to your preferred playstyle but there are a few key cards that you should try to have in your decks and most of them are tailored to helping your entire team rather than just yourself. After all, your team is your lifeline so generally, you will want to think about having cards that apply to the whole team or ones that will allow you to become a better teammate for them. However, you must remember that some cards will mean that you need to give something to get something therefore it's important to weigh up your options to find out if a card will definitely benefit you.

Cards are split into two main categories, Card Affinity, and Card Type. For this guide, we have chosen what we think are the top 5 cards from each affinity group.

The Best Reflex Cards

Reflex cards are, as the name suggests, the card types that centre around improving your or your entire team's reflex abilities which can include your mobility or speed while performing certain actions.

  • Mandatory PT: +15% Team Stamina increase
  • Combat Medic: +50% Use Speed - This card allows you to heal a teammate for an extra 20 health when you revive them.
  • Rousing Speech: +225% Revive speed and entire team will have +20% reduced Incap from trauma but this card will disable offensive accessories (No Grenades or Molotovs)
  • Pep Talk: +150% Revive Speed but -5% Damage Resistance. You will be able to revive downed teammates much faster but the damage you can cause The Ridden will reduce.
  • Shredder: Each bullet hit causes the target to take 1% increased damage for 3 seconds. (Damage will stack up until 15%)

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The Best Discipline Cards

Discipline cards are ones that are mainly comprised of cards that focus on your team so how much ammunition you can carry or how much damage you can all inflict on an enemy. It's always a good idea to have at least 3 Discipline Cards in your deck because they will nearly always help you fight back against The Ridden.

  • Needs Of The Many: +1 Team Extra Life but -20% Health
  • Ammo For All: +10% Team Ammunition Capacity
  • Marked For Death: Mutations (Special Ridden such as Tallboys) that you ping are highlighted and your team deals +10% increased Damage to highlighted enemies.
  • Avenge The Fallen: When you or a teammate is downed, the remaining teammates gain +30% damage, +20% reload speed, and unlimited ammunition for 10 seconds.
  • Experienced EMT: When you use a medical accessory, such as Bandages, the target gains +20% maximum health until the end of the level.

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The Best Brawn Cards

Brawn Cards are heavily tailored towards how much damage that you can inflict on enemies as well as enabling certain actions to grant you extra damage perks. This card type is more about making you a better teammate for the rest of your team rather than having cards that can apply to everyone.

  • Confident Killer: When you or your team kills a Special Ridden, gain 1% damage until the end of the level. (The damage can stack up to 15%)
  • Broadside: Precision Kills have a 20% chance of causing the target to explode! If the target explodes, it will deal 15 damage to any other Ridden in the area within a 4-meter radius.
  • Bomb Squad: +100% Explosive Damage and +35% Explosive Resistance. The Ridden, especially the larger types, are vulnerable to explosive damage so being able to cause more damage in this way is very useful. Also, you are vulnerable to your own Grenades therefore being slightly more immune to your own blasts will reduce the risk of accidental death.
  • Offensive Scavenger: You can sense when offensive accessories, such as Molotovs, are near you and more of these accessories will spawn across the level. This will be extremely useful as offensive supplies tend to run out very fast when you're taking on hundreds of Ridden.
  • Grenade Training: +25% Accessory Damage. This card is the most useful when it is stacked in the same deck as the Bomb Squad card.

The Best Fortune Cards

Fortune Cards are mainly centred around the in-game currency of Copper but there are a few cards which will grant good fortune to yourself and your team in terms of wealth or health.

  • Saferoom Recovery: Your Team heals 5 Trauma damage and refills 10% ammunition at the start of each level. This is only active within the saferoom, once you open the orange door into the level the card will no longer be active.
  • Surplus Pouches: Your entire team, including you, can hold 1 more offensive accessory but it will reduce all health by 10%.
  • Box O' Bags: All of the team can hold 1 more Supply Accessory but it will reduce all health by 10%.
  • Share The Wealth: Each teammate gains 100 bonus Copper at the start of each level. Copper is very useful as it can be spent at Vendor Crates at the start of each level where you can purchase extra accessories, weapons, ammunition, or attachments to help improve your chances against the hordes.
  • Fanny Pack: This will allow you to hold 1 more Support accessory.

There is another card called "Shoulder Bag" that will let you hold 2 more Support Accessories but it will reduce your health by 10% which is not ideal if you're using the extra inventory cards for the whole team.

The cards that will work best for you will take some time for you to find but this guide should give you an idea of the ones that we've found work best overall in Back 4 Blood. If you want to know more about cards and how to build a successful deck, we've got a guide on how to use cards. Also, which Cleaner you pick to play as can make a big difference in gameplay so we've ranked all of the characters so you can roughly see who is on top!

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