Back 4 Blood: How To Beat Stinger, Stalker and Hocker Enemies

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Fighting The Ridden is your main job in Back 4 Blood and as one of The Cleaners, it's useful to try to learn as much about your enemies as possible. There are normal Ridden and Special Ridden which are heavily mutated foes that can be a big problem. We're here to show you how to beat a Stinger, a Stalker and a Hocker - a trio of Special Ridden that are quick but deadly.

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How To Beat a Stinger

Back 4 Blood The Ridden Stinger

To beat a Stinger you need to aim for its weak spot which is at the centre of its chest. You will be able to spot this as it's a pink colour that doesn't match up to the rest of the body and it's where the Stinger launches its projectiles from. Keep attacking this either close up or far away, weapon choice here isn't too important as you just need to destroy it. However, guns are more favourable when fighting a Stinger because they can change positions very fast and it can be tricky to get a good melee hit on it.

Once the weak spot has been destroyed, the Stinger will die. Alternatively, you can aim for its head but this will take more time and effort to kill them.

What Is a Stinger?

A Stinger is a type of Special Ridden whose 4 arms can help it climb around walls and ceilings. It can scale Trucks and buildings very fast as well as being able to jump a fair distance. Its main form of attack is keeping its distance whilst launching projectiles at you from its chest. These projectiles will remove a large portion of your health if they hit you and it can take you a moment to recover from being hit which can make you an easy target.


How To Beat a Stalker

Back 4 Blood The Ridden Stalker

To beat a Stalker you need to aim all of your efforts at breaking the weak spot which looks a lot like a brain sticking out the top of its head. Attacking this and destroying it will kill the Stalker on the spot but you must be careful because it can dodge attacks or even turn and grab you instead.

Stalkers are very fast so if you have one, the team Sniper is best equipped to deal with them because they'll be far enough away to avoid being in the Stalker's path and a good Scope will give them a clear shot at its head.

What Is a Stalker?

A Stalker is a type of Special Ridden that is similar in species to a Stinger. Its main attack is built on sneaking up behind you or a teammate and grabbing them, keeping them in that hold whilst it bites down on its victim. It has a strong grip, the only way to get the Stalker to let go of your teammate is to shoot it until it loses its grip.


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How To Beat a Hocker

Back 4 Blood The Ridden Hocker

To beat a Hocker you need to attack its chest area which is quite a large weak spot compared to other Ridden species. Guns and weaponry such as Grenades that can be used to attack the Hocker from a distance is the better idea, but if you find yourself up close to one then Melee weapons to the chest will cause a heavy amount of damage.

What Is a Hocker?

A Hocker is a Special Ridden that is similar in species and build to Stingers and Stalkers. Hockers will spew a substance at you which can wrap you up and pin you down to the spot you're standing on. Your teammates need to melee attack the web that's wrapped around to you free you if you don't have the ability to break free (you can get this ability from a card).


They are fast with precise aiming abilities which can make them tricky to fight, especially if they pin you down in the middle of a horde attack because that means you become an easy meal for the other Ridden.

Once you start to gain knowledge of how to beat the different Ridden species in Back 4 Blood you will become a better Cleaner that can take on trickier enemies. We have more guides on Special Ridden including how to beat Reekers, Retches and Exploders as well as how to beat Tallboys, Crushers and Bruisers!