Back 4 Blood: How To Beat Reeker, Retch and Exploder Enemies

There are many types of Ridden for you to fight against in Back 4 Blood. Some Ridden are very common to come across and some are a bit more special. Special Ridden will appear in every level but not as frequently as the rest. We're going to show you how to beat a Reeker, a Retch and an Exploder which are 3 types of Special Ridden that can inflict a lot of damage.

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How To Beat a Reeker

Back 4 Blood The Ridden Reeker
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Be mindful of its hands, it will swipe at you and it can seriously hurt!

To beat a Reeker you need to repeatedly fire at it with any weapon that has a good range. You should avoid using a weapon or melee weapon that requires you to be close to the target to inflict damage. Using Grenades, Fuel Canisters and Gas Tanks against a Reeker is effective because the explosion will damage it and the fire that remains after the explosion will slow it down.

Shooting a Reeker in the head and in the centre of its chest will cause the most damage in a short space of time. You can aim at its limbs but it will take much longer to defeat it if you do. The Reeker will try everything it can to get close to you before it dies, so keep on the move and keep your distance from it.

What Is a Reeker?

A Reeker is a large type of Special Ridden that can cause you a lot of problems. You do not want to let a Reeker get close to you. If a Reeker is close to you when you defeat it, it will explode and spew its own guts all of you which will result in the horde being alerted. You will become their prime target if you're covered in the guts.

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How To Beat a Retch

Back 4 Blood The Ridden Retch
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To beat a Retch you need to aim and fire at its weak spot which is at the very top of its head. It's easy to spot as it's a squishy pink mass that doesn't match the rest of the anatomy of the Retch. If you continuously fire at this part it will explode and kill the Retch instantly.

You can also damage the Retch by shooting it in the chest. You can use melee weapons and weapons with a low range on it but it's not recommended because the closer you are to the Retch, the easier it will be for it to damage you.

Try to keep your distance from the Retch whilst fighting it because its attack can reach quite far and can be quite deadly in a confined space.

What Is a Retch?

A Retch is of a similar species to a Reeker and is a Special Ridden. A Retch will stand and projectile vomit acidic liquid at you in long, precise streams. If you walk through the spew on the floor or are hit by the stream, it will cover you and instantly start to drag your health down.

How To Beat an Exploder

Back 4 Blood The Ridden Exploder
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Stay as far away from this one as possible!

To beat an Exploder you need to fire at its chest whilst trying to run away from it. The weak spot on its chest will be easy to spot as it looks pink and squishy which makes it stand out.

Keeping your distance is the key to defeating it without gaining damage. However, it will automatically die if it gets close to you because it will explode once it's near enough. The explosion will damage you and the rest of your team if they're in the immediate area. Often, the explosion can fling you against a wall and you can take a few seconds to recover which can make you an easy target for the rest of The Ridden.

What Is an Exploder?

An Exploder is a Special Ridden similar to a Reeker and Retch in its build but not in its attack style. It will run at you and self-destruct once it knows it's close enough to inflict damage. It's surprisingly fast so you will want to destroy it before it gets anywhere near you or your team.

As you play through Back 4 Blood you will learn more about each Ridden and exactly how you want to fight back against them. We have ranked all of the characters so that you can decide which one you want to play as and we have a guide on how to heal, just in case you get caught off guard!

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