Awaken: Chaos Era Reroll Guide - Best Characters to Aim For

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March 30, 2022: With new characters coming thick and fast, if you're a new player (or someone who didn't get far at launch) the Awaken: Chaos Era reroll method is still a valid way to get a head start.

Knowing how to perform an Awaken: Chaos Era reroll is an essential piece of knowledge and wisdom. Viable in most gacha RPGs of this type, it's a multi-step process that guarantees you some top-tier units early on—something that can make you impeccably strong without the need to open up your wallet.

Being brand-new, there's no better time than now to read up on the Awaken: Chaos Era reroll method. Power creep will eventually render it relatively ineffective, and new promo campaigns will likely set you with solid teams right from the get-go. But for now, you'll want to reset your account until you get some solid units. The early the better.

We're locked and loaded for the launch of Awaken: Chaos Era. Once you've settled on your starting units, see how they weigh up again the competition with the Awaken: Chaos Era tier list. Need more summons or upgrade materials? Awaken: Chaos Era codes will give those to you.

How Do I Perform an Awaken: Chaos Era Reroll?

  • Create a guest account
  • Complete the tutorial up to Stage 1-6
  • Tap the top-right menu, tap Settings, and redeem the code Hello100 in the Redemption Code area found the Account tab
  • Claim the 100 Summon Scrolls from your mailbox
  • Tap the Summon dragon on the main screen and pull 10 times in the Normal Summon banner
  • Use the Data Clear button on the Settings/Account tab to start fresh if you don't get an A/S-tier character from the Awaken: Chaos Era tier list

The Awaken: Chaos Era reroll method should take no longer than 20 minutes. The longest part involves clearing the campaign tutorial, which ends after Stage 1-6. At that point, you're free to tap into the Settings/Account menu and redeem code Hello100 to get 100 Normal Summon Crystals, which are good for ten big pulls.

The Normal Summon banner doesn't have a large selection of Elite characters, and with only a two percent chance of pulling one, it's entirely possible to use every pull and come back with nothing.

Keep doing Awaken: Chaos Era reroll attempts until you get a character like Joseph.
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When Should I Stop Doing Awaken: Chaos Era Rerolls?

So what should you aim for with an Awaken: Chaos Era reroll? The only S-tier character as per the Awaken: Chaos Era tier list that appears in the Normal Summon banner is Connon. If you get Connor, you're done with your reroll. If not, aim for an A-Tier character like Marian or Joseph.

Again, it's slim pickings. Most Elite heroes in the banner are B-tier characters right now, so getting a couple of those will probably be worth sticking with as well.

Knowing how to delete your data is an integral part of the Awaken: Chaos Era reroll method.
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How Do I Delete My Awaken: Chaos Era Account and Data?

Thankfully, you don't need to uninstall and redownload a massive amount of data to delete your Awaken: Chaos Era account.

If you're doing a reroll and your ten free summons haven't gone according to plan, just tap into the Settings menu using the top-right button, tap the Account tab on the side, and then the Data Reset button found along the bottom.

Once you type in your team name to confirm, the data will be deleted and you'll be signed out. Just make another Guest account and repeat the Awaken: Chaos Era reroll steps listed above to try again.

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