Obsidian's Next-Gen RPG Avowed Offers A Larger World Than Skyrim, Leaker Claims

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Obsidian Entertainment announced Avowed at the Xbox Games Showcase, and every Skyrim fan waiting patiently for Elder Scrolls 6 felt like a kid on Christmas day!

It will be coming to the Xbox Series X and we cannot wait to get our hands on this dark fantasy which is allegedly set in the same universe as the Pillars of Eternity franchise.


A new leak suggests Avowed could be a lot more ambitious in scope than originally thought.

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Will Avowed Have A Larger World Than Skyrim?

Avowed is an action-based RPG created by Obsidian, announced at the Xbox Games Showcase!


According to Sponger, Restera forum member, the game will be open-world and multiple times bigger and more in-depth than Skyrim.

Apparently, there will be two main cities and loads of different environments and zones to explore. There will also be diverse weather in-game, with fog supposedly playing a big role in terms of gameplay.

The developer is using an updated AI system to create a more lively/realistic world, while a few things have been hinted at through leaks such as companions, boss fights and more.

If you're anything like me you're going to be over the moon because Avowed seems to have extremely advanced character creation.


Sponger finished by saying the team producing the game is 100 strong and they are continuing to hire, with a hopeful 2022 release (and a more likely 2023).

Of course, leaks should always be taken with a pinch of salt, but the possibility of a less janky, next-generation RPG that can finally topple Skyrim as one of the genre's finest sounds like heaven - and a great reason to keep tabs on Avowed.