Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wrath of the Druids DLC: All Children of Danu Druid Order Targets, Clues and Locations

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The Wrath of the Druids DLC brings a whole new range of assassination targets to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, in the form of the Children of Danu druid order, a group of powerful new targets for you to bring down through clue hunting and investigation. We’ll show you all the order’s clues, locations and targets in our special guide below.

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All Children of Danu Druid Order Targets, Clues and Locations in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids DLC


Like in the core game of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the Wrath of the Druids DLC requires you to find 10 new assassination targets across Ireland, each one of which has a special amber shard that you can bring back to the druidess Deirdre to unlock a special potion that’ll unlock your power (more on that below).

However, first we’ve got all the assassination targets listed below, with only their codenames used to prevent spoilers for their actual names.

How to Find Order Clues

The target clues in Wrath of the Druids are much the same as the ones in the core games - pieces of paper marked by an eye symbol when you get close. From a distance your Odin Vision should mark them as white lights, rather than blue or gold ones.

Assassins Creed Valhalla wrath of the druids order targets

All Children of Danu Druid Order Targets and Clue Locations

The Wren

  • Tied to the main campaign, this target appears in the story mission “Potion of Blood”, and will always be the first target you encounter.
  • You can find the first clue in the abandoned cottage just beneath Port Auley. Literally climb down the cliff the Trading Post is perched on and it’ll be right at the bottom, with the clue on a table in the centre of the room.
  • The second clue is at the North Side of Lough Gara, the lakefound just south of that in Northern Connacht. It’s in the middle of a druid circle on the lake itself.
  • This’ll lead you to Rathcroghan, the town in central Connacht. The Wren is ambling about there, protected by guards, but will flee if put in danger. Try and get a stealth assassination for an easy kill.

The Cursed

  • This is another story mission, though there’s no clues involved this time. Simply follow the same questline that had you hunt down and kill the Wren, and you’ll encounter the cursed as a mini-boss who focuses on poison use and quick movements.

The Mist

  • The Mist can be found with no clues whatsoever - simply head to the Doon Fort, a small island in a bay on the West coast of Ulster. They’re another mini-boss, using summoned minions to launch additional attacks to supplement their own.

The Deer

  • The first and only clue is found on a crate just outside the Ardmel Trading Post wall in East Ulster. You should be able to use your Odin Vision to ping it from within the post itself, it’s that close.
  • From there, the Deer is waiting in the sealed-off fortress of Inch Lough Neagh, the lakeside town in central Ulster. The Deer will run away and let all the nearby guards fight for them if threatened.
Assassins Creed Valhalla Wrath of the Druids DLC order target

The Ash

  • The first clue is found in the very centre of the strip of land between the lakes Lough Tuam and Lough Rea in South Connacht. There’s gold valuables nearby that mark the area you should be looking at.
  • The second clue is at Kiltober, next to the fast travel point just North of you. There’s a druid camp down below with a tent at the corner - the clue is in there.
  • The Ash is found Northwest of Lough Gara, at the mines of Kesh Corann. You’ll need to fight your way in through a heavily-guarded cliff-face, and even then the Ash is a mini-boss, able to teleport and use fire attacks.

The Blaze

  • The first clue for the Blaze is found on the body of the Ash after you kill them (see above).
  • The second clue is at Bally na Gall, a little abandoned settlement full of wolves East of Armagh in South East Ulster, next to the Bann River. The clue itself is at a grave at the cemetery near the top of the hill.
  • The third clue is in the unnamed forest south of Clogher, in a bunch of burned houses that also contain valuables (these’ll help you find their location on the map).
  • This’ll mark the Blaze’s location - just on the other side of this forest, less than 200 feet away. They’re a more traditional fighting mini-boss, using a sword along with some summoned bloodhounds.

The Spider

  • The first clue is found on the Wren.
  • The second clue is found by beating the drinking champion at Dublin (a middling-difficulty drinking test, though you don’t have to wager money).
  • The third clue is on a bench next to the Offering Altar at Dublin. Just circle around the huge tree to the left and you’ll see it in front of some runic stones.
  • The Spider is revealed to be exploring the docks of West Dublin. They’re another runner who’ll use their bodyguards to fight for them.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Druid Order target

The Whisper

  • The first clue is found by killing the Wren.
  • The second clue is found on the Druid Camp atop the Boyne Tombs, just West of the Rathbone Trading Post.
  • The third clue is a little tricky - sail up the Boyne river until you find the unnamed harbour Northwest of Annagh Doo. The clue is on a crate in sight of the harbour itself.
  • The Whisper is in the unnamed bogs East of Inchroe, South of the third clue. They’re another druid mini-boss, but very easy to assassinate, as they take straight paths without looking around.

The Seed

  • This one can’t be confronted until a certain point in the campaign, Chapter 4, and are themselves a story target.
  • The first clue is found on the Deer (see above).
  • The second clue is at Movilla Abbey, East of the Ben Uava fast travel point in East Ulster. It’s waiting on a pew at the back of the church itself.
  • The Seed is at Dunseverick fortress, at the very Northern coast of Ulster. They’re a traditional combat fighter surrounded by soldiers, but you can get into assassination range by stealthily sneaking around the outside of the fortress walls.

The Oak

  • The final target and leader of the Children of Danu is a story-essential target. Continue the plotline after killing the Seed and you’ll eventually confront them. They’re a middling-difficulty melee mini-boss with a couple of powerful soldiers protecting them.

Exchanging the Amber Shards for the Potion/Spear

Once you’ve killed all the members of the order, bring the amber shards that each one dropped back to the druid Deirdre, whereupon you’ll complete the quest and get the achievement “Dawn of the Druids.” She’ll then offer you the Potion she spoke of, but things get a little complicated after that, as you’ll still need to beat a very difficult final boss to get the reward. We’ve laid out how to beat that boss here.

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