Assassin's Creed Valhalla: How To Play Orlog - Guide, Rules, Tips and Tricks

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla has been a massive success since it released last month 

Many of you are likely picking the game up during the holiday season. 


Valhalla has introduced a brand new mini-game in the form of Orlog.

This board game is an ample amount of fun.

But, can be tricky to understand at first

Do not fear, as we have got you covered! 

Here's all you need to know! 



Orlog is a board game you can play against some of the NPC's throughout your journey in Valhalla.


The game at its core is two players rolling dice, trying to knock off the other players 15 health points they start the game with.

There are certain dice that perform special moves on your opponent, as well you 'call upon the gods' to help you out. 



Speaking of the dice, here is a rundown of each of the faces do via GamesRadar:

  • Axe: Deal 1 melee damage
  • Arrow: Deal 1 ranged damage
  • Helmet:  Block 1 melee damage
  • Shield: Block 1 ranged damage
  • Hand: Steal 1 God Token from your opponent


God Tokens

The dice themselves can also be outlined with a gold print.

This means you also gain a God Token, which can be used on the aforementioned Gods Favors; which are deadly attacks on your opponent. 


God Favors

These special moves that you can use will cost some if not all of your Gods Tokens.


But they are worth it, as it can eliminate most of your opponent's health!

Here is a rundown of all of the different types of Favors you have access too:

  • Thor's Strike: Deal damage
  • Idun's Rejuvenation: Heal health
  • Vidar's Might: Remove opposing helmets
  • Baldr's Invulnerability: Add helmets/shields for each helmet/shield already rolled
  • Skadi's Hunt: Add arrows for each arrow already rolled

This is essentially all you need to know regarding Orlog!

It is not a complicated game, but one that requires quick thinking and planning of your moves! 

Best of luck.