Assassin's Creed Valhalla: How To Change Eivor’s Gender

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla lets you pick protagonist Eivor’s gender on entering the game, giving you the choice of incarnating the character as a man or a woman. There’s also a third option to let the game itself decide, which has its own consequences and implications. We’ll go through those below, as well as how to change Eivor’s gender further into the game.

How to Change Eivor’s Gender

You can change Eivor’s gender by pausing the game and pressing up on the D-Pad (or Tab if you’re playing PC), which’ll bring you back to the initial option to pick your gender. Then you’ll have changed when you exit the menu and go back into the main game. There’s no limitation or penalty for doing this, you pick the Eivor that’s right for you. Alternatively, you can let the game pick for you, which we’ll talk about momentarily.

Which Gender Should You Choose?

There’s no big gameplay or story change that comes from a specific gender, and no bad option as a whole. That being said, we gently recommend that you pick the third choice and allow the game to decide, as it helps add a little mystery to an early game plot point and some clarity later on. It's not a dealbreaker though - there’s nothing huge lost by picking the gender of your preference, and if it leads to you having a more meaningful experience with the game, that should be the one to go for. It’s not like you can’t change it later.

Which Eivor is Canon?

If you’re wondering which of the two versions of Eivor is the canon “official” one, there’s no concrete answer to that. Ubisoft have claimed that both are equally valid, and that seems like a fair claim, what with them being the creators and all. And of course, what with games being a collaborative medium between player and designer, you could argue that whatever Eivor you picked is canon for your playthrough.

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