AC Valhalla Wrath of the Druids How to Steal Ama’s Key Without Being Noticed

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One of your first activities in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s DLC is to find the hideout of the bandit Thorstein, done by tailing Ama and stealing her key, ideally without being noticed. We’ll show you how to steal Ama’s key and get to Thorstein’s hideout without a fight in this guide below.

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How to Steal Ama’s Key Without Being Noticed in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

To steal Ama’s key in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla without being noticed, players will have to tail her and find the right moment without alerting her bodyguards. Here’s the best way to get it without having to go to violence.

Stealing Ama’s Key

  • The first part is a drinking contest. It’s not too hard, Eivor will only start wobbling near the end of the second drink.
  • Once done, Ama will start walking off with a pair of bodyguards behind her. At this point you’ll technically be in a Distrust Area, with all three of them being suspicious of you if you catch their attention. Put your hood up and follow at a discreet distance.
  • You’ll be drunk from the contest, but it should wear off before the important moment.
  • Keep following them until Ama staggers down a dock to vomit, leaving her bodyguards at the other end.
  • Climb the building next to her and go over it to avoid the guards. You have about thirty seconds of vomiting to make use of.
  • For the easiest opportunity, save before making the steal.
  • Creep up behind Ama while crouched and hold the square/X button to take the key.
  • Once you have it, head back over the top of the building to get away safely.
Assassins Creed Valhalla DLC Ama's Key
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Ama's key can be non-lethally stolen by getting behind her while she vomits.

How to Find Thorstein’s Hideout

Now you have to reach Thorstein’s Hideout, which is somewhere in Dubgaill Landing in the North of Dublin, a restricted area which will start a fight if you’re spotted.

Thorstein’s Hideout is in a small wooden building on the lower level of the North-West side. You should be able to see it marked when you trigger Odin Vision. You can get it to stealthily pretty easily - use the ropes to get to the raised ridge, and use the bushes there to reach the building itself. Creep down (it’s easy to get spotted if you just jump) and go in through the East window. There’ll be a gated-off tunnel inside that you can use Ama’s key on. Head down the tunnel and Thorstein’s Hideout will be at the bottom.

How to Kidnap Thorstein

Don’t worry about killing Thorstein - no matter what you do to him, when reduced to 0 health, he simply drops to one knee like he’s out of breath, giving you the chance to tie him up and carry him off. You can confront the other bandits there with combat or stealthy assassinations, but getting rid of them all without altering Thorstein himself is hard, considering he’s sitting on a throne that perfectly watches the rest of the room. Take out those around the edges and use distractions to pull them away before climbing across the higher areas to jump onto Thorstein himself. You can carry him away through the same route you took back in Dubgaill Landing.

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