Warzone Patch Notes Today: What's New In Warzone And When's The Next Update?

What's new in Warzone?

After the big Mid-Season 1 update, what's left for Warzone?

The recent updates listed a lot for Black Ops Cold War, but little for the Battle Royale mode.

Each week a small update is usually pushed - so what is it this time?

Here's today's Warzone Patch Notes.

When Is The Next Warzone Update?

The next major update is scheduled for the 21st January 2021.

Updates occur every Thursday at 6PM GMT.

But, a game setting update is sometimes released every few days (sometimes daily)

Updates used to occur on Tuesday but were recently moved to Thursday for the remainder of 2021.

Warzone Patch Notes Today

Warzone January 5th 2021 update

Weapon Balancing

After two patches, it seems the DMR-14, Type 63, MAC 10 and Dual Pistols have been nerfed for good.

But, it's not stopping players from using some of these weapons - will more nerfs be coming soon?

They are certainly more manageable and make for more free selection of weapons, although a number of players have expressed that the Cold War weaponry reigns supreme at present.

With the above mention weapons nerfed, could we see a new weapon rise to the top of the ranks?

Playlist Update

Last week's update added:

  • Verdansk
    • Buy Back Solos
    • Plunder - Trios
  • Rebirth Island
    • Mini Royale Solos,
    • Resurgence Quads

This was at the expense of:

  • Verdansk
    • Solos
    • Plunder – Quads
  • Rebirth Island
    • Mini Royale Duos
    • Resurgence Trios

Many players were vocal about the removal of the solos mode in Warzone, so don't be surprised to see it added back this week.

We're also expecting Buyback, Armored Royale, Mini Royale and Rumble to be rotated in and out for the remainder of Season 1.

Bug Fixes

A recent wall glitch has been discovered on Rebirth Island and hopefully, this can be patched quickly before it causes too much havoc.

The New Gulag has also experienced a few issues where players have been allowed to bring their full loadout into the Gulag.

We've also recently discovered a new invisibility glitch and infinite Stim glitch that need to be fixed.

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