Destiny 2: What Is The Strange Signal Perk And How To Get It?

Things could be Stranger

Here’s our guide for the Strange Signal Perk in Destiny 2!

Getting A Signal

Start off by heading to Europa! You can find the Strange Signal perk in the North side of Asterion Abyss.

Here you’ll have to defeat the Vex enemy that spawns here, the Valkyrie Venator.

You’ll be able to see its name above its yellow health bar.

Once you have defeated, you should see the Strange Signal buff has appeared.

Hop on to your Sparrow and go towards the location the Glassway Strike is, though when you reach the first fork, go right towards a new Shard of Darkness.

The Test Of Darkness

You should also see a friendly Vex next to it, interact with it and begin the Test of Darkness.

You’ll have to take on a series of vex enemies, which spawn by destroying the Vex diamonds floating above.

Watch out! The floor will spawn in and disappear as enemies are taken out!

After a few rounds, a giant Vex will appear!

Defeat it and a final platform will appear with a chest, containing some loot.

It’s not the best reward, but it’s a little bit of fun and a decent challenge if you want to give it a go.

We hope this guide has helped and be sure to check out our others for all your Destiny 2 questions! 

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