Warzone: How To Get 'Bot' Lobbies

Easy Mode

The integration between the two games has propelled some of the Cold War weapons to the top of the chart within Warzone.

The new Rebirth Island map has been a hit among players, as it offers a fast-paced environment as opposed to Verdansk.

While SBMM is still within the game, you may be looking to face some easier competition over the course of your matches.

Here's how to luck into 'bot' lobbies! 

A Methodical Approach

According to content creator Raratoman, players have been using a method that guarantees them dropping into an easier lobby.

By reverse boosting, the method uses a website that shows the average K/D ratio of a lobby along with other factors that determine the difficulty of the lobby.

For more details, check out the video here.


It is hard to say exactly how players can weaker the strength of their lobbies.

We know for a fact that there is skill-based matchmaking implemented within Warzone and the multiplayer component of the two games.

This takes into consideration your overall performance in certain lobbies.

Aspects such as: 

  • K/D
  • Win %

Are all taken into consideration when playing Warzone.

So, the better you perform over the course of a few Warzone matches, the higher your SBMM will rise.

Therefore, if you are looking to get into 'bot' lobbies; then you are going to need to perform worse than usual over multiple days.

This may be infuriating to some of you, but it can lead to some easier matches in the long run!

Let us know if you have tried this method out and how it has gone! 


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