Animal Crossing New Horizons Daylight Savings: When Is It, Turnips and More


New Horizons has been one of the best games to release this year.

The game has been progressing along smoothly since it released back in March.

Toy Day was the last major update for 2020, and we are looking ahead at what is to come within the New Year.

As many of you that own the game are aware, Animal Crossing uses your Nintendo Switches in-game clock.

This clock dictates all sorts of aspects when it comes to your island.

The quality of your turnips or when certain bugs/fish spawn are all determined by your clock.

So, what will happen when Daylight Savings 2021 rolls around?

Here's what we know! 



Daylight Savings 2021 is going to happen on the 28th of March within the United Kingdom.

During this time, the clocks will go ahead one full hour and this will have some sort of effect on your Animal Crossing World.

We believe that when this occurs, your Switches clock will also automatically change.

This could affect the quality of your Turnips; as they may go rotten within that hour that we lose during Daylight Savings.

So, if we were you we would go ahead and sell your Turnips before this date just to be on the safe side! 


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