Valorant Agent 14 Leaks Reveal All Abilities and Name

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Valorant has been one of the best releases for the entire of 2020.

Riot Games' first entry into the tactical shooter realm has been a massive hit with players, and the game has seen progression in every regard. 

The game's unique take on the tactical-FPS genre is in large part due to the agents playable within the game.

Each possessing their own abilities and unique attributes, Riot is consistently adding new ones into the game.

Now, a new leak within Valorant has unveiled every aspect regarding the fourteenth agent!

Here's all we know.



One aspect that a lot of players were probably wondering, was the name of the new Valorant agent.

The massive leak was first spotted on the r/VALORANT Sub-Reddit and was posted by u/Retro-Indietro.

The leak reveals that the new agent is going to be called Yoru!



The video showcases all of Yoru's abilities that players will be able to use within the game.

Reddit user u/kuroi_kaze posted the following description of what they can make out as the abilities and how they function: 

  • Z: Creates steps sound. Press Fire to send it ahead. Or pre-place it with Alt-Fire, then press F to send inactive one ahead.

  • X: Flash. Press Fire to throw it, it will pop after contacting with surface.

  • C: Press ability button to place Portal, Press Fire to send Portal ahead, Anchor Portal with Alt-Fire. Press Activate to teleport through the Portal.

  • Q (Ult): Press Fire to become invisible for enemies and invulnerable. (I suppose they still can hear you).


Full Video

Check out the full leak of Yoru down below! 


Release Date

No release date is known as of now for Yoru.

We can speculate the new agent will arrive with the release of Episode 2!


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