Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee Were Developed A Lot Easier Than Intended

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Pokemon Let's Go was one of the most popular entries into the Pokemon franchise in quite some time.

Although they have released some time ago, fans are still looking ahead to possible announcements of Jhoto Let's Go games.

Now, a new leak has surfaced regarding the early development of Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, and there is an ample amount to unpack.

Here we go! 



Lewchube posted a series of tweets back on the 24th of December, which note some details from a 4Chan leaking regarding Let's Go.

While there are plenty of interesting points through these tweets; there is one that stands out among the rest.

Lewchube has noted the following:

It also appears the games were made far easier for the final release.

Giovanni’s whole team are 7 levels higher than the final, whereas Lance’s got lowered by 5 on launch.

Towards the middle of the game, some trainers like Sabrina have less Pokemon, such as her Jynx being gone.

So, it appears that along the way Game Freak changed their original plan regarding the difficulty of Let's Go.

We do not know why this decision was made, but we can assume they had good intentions behind this choice!

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