FIFA 21 FUT Season 3: Release Date, Level 30 Rewards, Icon Swaps Objectives, Storyline Player Predictions, Icon Swaps Set 3 And Everything You Need To Know

FUT Season 3 has arrived!

FUT Season 3 has officially arrived in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, bringing another set of rewards and objectives over the coming 6 weeks!

Another exciting thing to keep an eye out for are the new Level 30 Storyline Player Rewards, which will add depth and interesting new options to your FUT 21 squad.

FUT Season 3 Rewards

Here are all the rewards that you can obtain throughout FUT Season 3!

  1. [300 XP] 75+ Rated Rare Player Pack
  2. [1,100 XP] 500 Coin Boost for 5 Matches
  3. [2,100 XP] Premium Gold Pack
  4. [3,100 XP] Tifo Item - Kawaii Vikings, Polar Bear
  5. [4,100 XP] 75+ Rated Rare Player Pack
  6. [5,100 XP] Badge Item - Kawaii Vikings, Polar Bear
  7. [6,100 XP] Jumbo Gold 26 Pack
  8. [7,600 XP] Stadium Theme - Kawaii Vikings, Polar Bear
  9. [9,600 XP] Gold Players Pack
  10. [12,600 XP] Circuit Board Ball
  11. [15,600 XP] Badge Item - Zero Override, Ice Cold, Yeti
  12. [18,600 XP] Stadium Theme Item - Zero Override, Ice Cold, Yeti
  13. [21,600 XP] 75+ Rated Rare Player Pack
  14. [24,600 XP] Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  15. [27,600 XP] 83 Storyline Player Card - Duncan, Thioub, Bakambu
  16. [30,600 XP] Background Tifo Item - Zero Override, Ice Cold, Yeti
  17. [33,600 XP] Rare Gold Pack
  18. [36,600 XP] Rare Gold Pack
  19. [40,600 XP] Background Tifo Item - Zero Override, Ice Cold, Yeti
  20. [44,600 XP] Rare Electrum Players Pack
  21. [49,600 XP] Pitch Trophy - Frosty - Black
  22. [54,600 XP] Badge - Winter Fox, Football CRT, Snowman
  23. [59,600 XP] Mega Pack
  24. [64,600 XP] Prime Gold Players Pack
  25. [69,600 XP] Tifo Item - Winter Fox, Football CRT, Snowman
  26. [74,600 XP] Stadium Theme - Winter Fox, Football CRT, Snowman
  27. [79,600 XP] Prime Players Pack Pick - Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga
  28. [85,600 XP] Background Tifo - Winter Fox, Football CRT, Snowman
  29. [91,600 XP] Winter Pitch Trophy
  30. [100,000 XP] Storyline Player Card - 87 Pulisic 86 Plea, 85 Emerson
  31. Icon Swaps Set 1 - Final 10 Tokens Released

    As confirmed by the FUT menus, the 2nd set of Set 1 Icon Swap Tokens will be released on Friday 1st January to coincide with the start of FUT Season 3, giving players a chance to obtain the higher level rewards from Icon Swaps, or take the lower end packs ready for Team of the Year!

    Make sure to get your first 8 tokens obtained before the release of the next 10 tokens, as you won’t be able to obtain them once the objectives expire!

    FUT Season 3 Level 15 & 30 Storyline Players

    Level 15 Rewards

    When it comes to selecting your choice for your Level 15 rewards, the choice really is entirely up to you, with no player really being a standout. 83 Duncan looks to be the best option potentially, with a link to previous season's 82 Aidoo. 

    83 Bakambu is definitely one to consider if you've got some CSL cards in your squad, with great all round attacking attributes, with 83 Thioub making up the selection as a generic, pacy RM option in Ligue 1

    Level 30 Rewards

    The Level 30 Rewards this season look pretty great, with 87 Pulisic, 86 Plea and 85 Emerson all available to choose from!

    If you're not really interested in any of the players available, the best way to go is to take 87 Pulisic, as he is the best value player from an SBC fodder perspective. We'd also recommend taking either 87 Pulisic or 85 Emerson for your team, with both players fitting the FUT meta with ease, with the Brazilian filling somewhat of a void in the La Liga RB position.

    We recommend staying clear of 86 Plea, with the Frenchman not looking to be the best option for the nation, with better options available in the Bundesliga.

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