How To Travel 5,000m In An X-4 Stormwing Operation Snowdown Fortnite Guide

Reach for the skies

The latest Operation Snowdown challenge has dropped, and it’s time to take flight in Fortnite's Winterfest!

For this one require you to fly 5,000m in X-4 Stormwings.

That’s the plane for anyone who doesn’t know.

This shouldn’t be too difficult, but here’s our guide to help you out!

Where To Find X-4 Stormwings

You can find X-4 Stormwings at the Snowmando Outposts.

Three of these planes spawn at each of them every match!

Based on our tests, one plane should be able to get you 2,500m!

That’s half of the challenge, so if you can’t find a Fuel Can to refuel, you can just respawn into a new match and grab a new plane!

Other than that just try not to get shot down early.

The best way to do this is grab a plane and fly high, to avoid shots from the ground.

Also, try to fly away from other outposts, and towards the outer areas of the map.

This should stop enemy planes hunting you down!

And with all of that, you should be all set!

Happy Holidays, and good luck with the challenges!

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