When Is Snow Coming To GTA Online?

Let it snow!

Snow feels like an iconic part of any holiday experience!

And that’s not just for real-life but video games too.

So we’re here to ask when snow will come to GTA Online?

Perhaps this year it will encourage players and gang members to lay down their arms, or more likely will just provide a festive backdrop to the rampant crime!

When Will It Snow?

Snow hasn’t been announced yet, but it has been a near-constant part of the game’s holiday celebrations since 2013.

At the time it started to fall just on the 25th, but since then we’ve seen snowfall on Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve through to January 2.

We even saw it snow this year back on April 1!

So this year when will it fall?

Well, we can’t say for certain but we’d guess December 24, given that is the tradition at this point!

Rockstar could decide to shake things up this year, but given the pattern they’ve established, we aren’t convinced this year will be any different.

What Does Snow Do?

Snow is just like its real-life counterpart, pretty but not especially useful.

You can leave tracks in it, but you won’t gain any mystical properties.

So yeah, just wait for it snow if you want to feel like a kid again but don’t expect to suddenly become Santa Claus when you load in.

If this yeah it does do something special, we will try to let you know.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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