Apex Legends Season 8 Quest: The Biggest Quest So Far Includes All Legends According To Writer

Here we go, the devs are hinting at Season 8 of Apex Legends...

We're well into Season 7 now and the community seem to be loving it.

Ascension brought a new map, Olympus as well as the next legend, Horizon, lets not forgot the Trident vehicles!

Of course, plenty of people are speculating what's to come for Season 8, in typical Apex Legends fashion.

Well, it looks like one of the devs is actually hinting at Season 8 already...

Here's what we know!

Season 8 Quest

Apex Legends' senior writer Tom Casiello took to Twitter on December 20th.

In his tweet, he hinted to new information regarding the Season 8 quest.

Check out the tweet below!

It seems the above commenter was right, devs really don't know how to relax!

He stated that the next quest is “so big, we need every Legend involved again.”

So far there is no solid information on the plot of the story though it's a great indication into future PVE content.

We first saw quests come to the game in Season 5 with the Broken Ghost quest.

Each chapter of the quest would mean players had to complete objectives to advance.

Since then we've seen plenty of comics in the past two seasons.

We can't wait to see what's to come for Season 8 as well as what the quest will involve.

We'll keep you updated as we hear more so watch this space!

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