Best Gaming Chair 2021: Check out these awesome chairs for PC gaming!

Whether you're on a budget or looking to go all in, pull up a seat and check these out!

As with all things gaming, there are loads of options when it comes to picking the best chairs to go with your PC setup.

The good news is that there's something for everyone when it comes to these products, which means that almost everyone can sit and play in comfort and style.

Gaming chairs are becoming an amazing way to get the most out of your gaming performance thanks to their adjustability and typically ergonomic design, but they're also a great way to add some of your own style into your gaming setup, or even showcase it to the world via streaming. 

And let's not forget, just like PC Monitors and PC Headsets, gaming chairs aren't designed purely for one purpose. With seemingly more people working from home than before, these chairs all serve as great additions to your home office also!

Here are some of our top picks to get you started on your search.

Best Gaming Chairs

Best Gaming Chair on a budget: Play HaHa Gaming Chair (£70.99)

Best Gaming Chair on a budget

BUDGET FRIENDLY: Get a great seat for less!

This Play HaHa Gaming chair is well under £100 and looks to deliver the essentials in terms of function and design.

Wheels, comfortable padding and multiple colour options feature (our favourite is the all-black) and of course, you can adjust the height of the chair easily too. 

It's a solid choice if you'd prefer to focus your spending on other accessories, but still want something to complete your setup and look great!

Best Gaming Chair Under 300: Corsair T2 Road Warrior (£299.99)

Best Gaming Chair

CORRR: Now that's one nice looking chair!

Corsair makes some quality products across the board, and the T2 Road Warrior gaming chair is certainly no different.

First and foremost, it looks great and comes in a number of different colours (the black and yellow version is particularly striking). 

The wide seat makes it great for a number of different builds and body-types, and it includes adjustable neck and lumbar pillows, which are wrapped in a super soft microfiber fabric. 

Add this to the 170° fully reclining seat back, and you've got one incredibly comfortable chair!

Even the wheels are designed to be more akin to roller-blades, which equals effortless movement across most surfaces. 

Best Gaming Chair Under 200: GT OMEGA PRO (£179.95)

Best Gaming Chairs

PODIUM FINISH: Comfort and performance all in one

The GT OMEGA PRO Gaming Chair is a great mid-range option for most PC gamers out there.

Key features of this chair include a reclinable seatback which can go from 85 - 190 degrees. The 4D armrests are perfect for fine-tuning your gaming position, especially when combined with the 'body-hugging deep sides of the chair itself.

It's pretty durable too and can support up to 120kg. 

It may not have as much of a 'gamer' look to it, but that could be exactly what you need if you're looking to have it double up an office chair too.

Best Gaming Chair Under 100: IntimaTe WM Heart (£79.99)

Best Gaming Chairs

ENTRY LEVEL: A great chair for the price!

This IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair is a great option for the price range.

It goes without saying that at this price range, you're not going to be getting the huge amount of adjustability that you do when you stretch into the hundreds, but this chair does still tick some boxes.

Design-speaking, it really looks the part and does have some tilt to it for when you want to lean back and relax between sessions.

It can also take 130kg in weight, a great showcase of durability even at a lower price point.

Worth checking out if you're working to a budget!

Best Gaming Chair Mid-Range: NOKAXUS Gaming Chair (Was: £189.99, Now: £161.49)

Best Gaming Chairs

ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES: A solid all-rounder option

This NOKAXUS gaming chair has a few bells and whistles, making it great for gaming, working, watching movies...or even sleeping!

It reclines completely and features an extendable footrest, so you can really relax in style, and there's even a massage function!

2D armrests aren't quite the 4D standard you'd expect to see at the premium level, but the chair overall seems to have a good level of adjustability, making it a good choice for the price. 

Best Gaming Chair Premium: Secretlab TITAN (Was: £399, Now: £364)

Secret Labs Gaming Chair

The Secretlab TITAN is a pretty epic gaming chair and if you're a pro-gamer, or just want to take your setup to the next level, this is a great choice.

It's quality at every turn here, from the integrated adjustable lumbar support (built into the backrest of the chair itself) down to the Secretlab Signature Memory Foam Pillows.

4D armrests allow you to find that perfect fit and the full-length backrest recline make it a worthy chair to relax in either for a movie or simply to recharge a little!

Go all-in with this chair and you won't be disappointed!

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