Cyberpunk 2077 Skippy Location: Where To Find Skippy Weapon In Cyberpunk 2077

It looks like you’re trying to commit a crime, would you like my help?

Cyberpunk 2077 is full of awesome iconic weapons, that will grow and develop as your character does.

Though perhaps the most iconic is a talking gun called Skippy.

Skippy can be unlocked as soon as Act 2 of the game, so here’s how you can find Skippy the talking Smart Pistol.

How to find Skippy

Skippy can be found in Heywood, home of the Valentinos.

As soon as the area unlocks you can head here and you’ll be able to see a Side Job in the area’s South West.

If you follow the quest marker you should find the gun in an alleyway next to a dead body.

Pick up the gun and it’ll become yours after a short conversation.

How Good is Skippy

Skippy’s stats are as follows:

  • Smart Pistol
  • 18-22 Damage
  • +13-16 Electrical Damage
  • +12% Crit Chance
  • +19.63% Crit Damage
  • +6% Shock Chance
  • 2 Headshot Damage Multiplier
  • Scales to the user’s level
  • Two Empty Mod Slots

As a smart weapon, Skippy will home in on the targets you choose.

You can pick one of two modes for Skippy when you find them though take note, pick the opposite of what you want long-term!

You can pick either Pacifist or Killer for the gun but after earning 50 eliminations the weapon will swap permanently.

Neither is really better or worse, but just make sure you choose wisely as there is no changing it!

Who Is Skippy’s Original Owner?

After a few in-game days, Skippy will reveal their original owner to you, though we won’t spoil it here.

The name will be familiar to you so it’s worth waiting!

Once you find out, you can go and return their gun to them in exchange for a Eurodollars reward but Skippy will be gone forever after that.

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