Apex Legends Minor Update December 2020

Bug fixes, just what I wanted!

Holo-Day Bash Celebrations are well underway in Apex Legends!

The new event is likely bringing much Christmas cheer and goodwill to many players, though a few have likely been left a little salty.

This will have nothing to do with them losing a match, but the glitches that have befallen them!

To fix this Respawan issued a quick server update to fix some problems.

Here are those updates!

Minor Update Details - December 2020

The notes were issued via a tweet from the official twitter account.

As stated the three changes are:

Placing Rampart walls at the feet of players on the train killing them

Error causing players to die while charging a Sentinel

Players being able to be killed while spawning on the train before they have control

Every single one is likely to make many fans very happy, as while dying is part of playing Apex Legends it isn’t fun to die at no fault of your own.

The way the notes were put out on Twitter may perhaps be a sign of the communication changes on the way with Respawn.

If an enemy gets you then they were clearly better, if a glitch gets you then rage is a common result.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted if any more updates arrive!

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