Fortnite Season 5: Mailbox Locations - Destroy 5 Mailboxes Challenge

Return to sender

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has been live for over a week and has players channelling their inner bounty hunter.

This week players are being tasked with destroying mailboxes as part of the Week 2 challenges.

A very odd challenge, but when it's rewarding 20,000 XP, you can't complain!

Destroy 5 Mailboxes In Fortnite

The easiest way to do this is to jump into a Team Rumble match.

Mailboxes can be found in most POIs that have settlements (buildings and houses).

They're bright blue and are located on the sidewalk.

We'd recommend you try jumping into Pleasant Park, Retail Row, Lazy Lake or Misty Meadows.

The easiest way to get this done in one game is to head to Lazy Lake and Retail Row.

Lazy Lake is located towards the south-east of the island and is situated near Retail Row and Catty Corner.

Lazy Lake is located towards the south-side of the map

Lazy Lake contains three mailboxes in close proximity to each other.

Mailbox 1 - Lazy Lake

Mailbox 2 - Lazy Lake

Mailbox 3 - Lazy Lake

You can also find two mailboxes towards the east side of Retail Row.

Retail Row is conveniently located to the East of Lazy Lake.

Mailbox 1 - Retail Row

Mailbox 2 - Retail Row

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