Cyberpunk 2077: All Vehicle's, Prices and How To Obtain Them


Cyberpunk 2077 is now released all over the world.

The new immersive RPG is the latest from CD Projekt Red.

The game is set in the massive Night City and has an ample amount of quests to partake.

Weapons are heavily emphasized in the game, but so are vehicles.

There are so many within the game that it can be tricky to keep on top of all of them.

Do not fear, as we have got you covered.

Here are all of the vehicles within the game along with all prices! 


Editors Note: We will be sure to update prices for each vehicle when we are able too!



There are A LOT of vehicles within Cyberpunk 2077, so many that it can be hard to keep track of all of them.

There are sub-classes to all of the vehicles as well.

They include the following: 

  • Motorcycles
  • Cars
  • Pickups
  • Trucks
  • IFVs
  • Hovers

As well, there are also aerial vehicles that we will cover in another guide.

Below is a list of each categories vehicles, with courtesy to


  • "Sidewinder" Custom Recumbent 
  • Ashigaru 
  • Bell Sandpiper 
  • Bensen Violator Hovercycle
  • Bermuda
  • Blue Knight Police Motorcycle 
  • Brennan "Hermes" Courier Motorcycle 
  • Brennan Cycles "Ares" Combat Bike 
  • Darkwarrior Assault Motorcycle 
  • Firestorm Shockwave
  • Darkwing 
  • Harley-Davidson Thundergod 
  • CyberGeneration
  • Honda R400 Trail 
  • Kawasaki Blitzkrieg 
  • Kawasaki KZS-1000 Kamikaze 
  • Kundalini "Torpedo" Police Interceptor Cycle 
  • Kundalini Roadworks "Dart" 
  • Kundalini Roadworks GSR1200 Tetsuo
  • Kundalini Roadworks Shiva
  • LongRider Generic 500cc Motorcycle
  • Mitsubishi Portabike 
  • Mitsuzuki C21 Kenada 
  • Mitsuzuki MSX900 "Bakushin" 
  • Pedicab
  • Sport Eurasia "Microbike"


  • AMT Baja Blaster Light Off-Road Vehicle 
  • Arasaka Kuma Land Rover 
  • Firestorm Shockwave
  • BMW 2020
  • Protect & Serve
  • Firestorm Shockwave
  • BMW 600 Patrol Cruiser 
  • BMW 9 Performance Interceptor 
  • BMW 9018s
  • BMW Burowagen 
  • Bug 
  • Crowder
  • Ford-Mazda Luxus 
  • Ford-Mazda Thunderbird IV High Performance Sedan 
  • GAZ/LADA Cossack
  • GMI Sierra GL 
  • GMI Sierra Hatch 
  • Honda Metrocar 
  • Lexus ZS-5000 (Security Retrofit)
  • Maclaren/Jaguar XJ220C-P Police Interceptor
  • Max Interceptor
  • Militech Commando
  • Firestorm Shockwave
  • Mitsuzuki Bushi 
  • Mitsuzuki Fuji 
  • New American Autoworks Roadcar 
  • Nissan Metrocar
  • Paneurope VBL APC 
  • Red Cab Taxi 
  • Scion Technologies Dunemaster
  • Scorpion FAV 
  • Spinelli Autotech Spirit
  • Takaya Daimyo 
  • Toyo-Chevrolet '17 Chevy 
  • Toyo-Chevrolet '17 Corpora 
  • Toyo-Chevrolet '17 Corpora Sports 
  • Toyo-Chevrolet Hopper
  • Toyo-Chrysler Omega
  • Toyota Avante 
  • VMW Cohort


  • BMW 1010 Minivan 
  • BRDM-10 Scout Car 
  • BRDM-11 (Cannon) 
  • BRDM-12 (Anti-Tank) 
  • BRDM-13 (Anti-Aircraft) 
  • Cadence Industries Wanderer 
  • HMMWV "Hummer" 
  • Imperial Metropolitan Agriculture Nomad 
  • Kundalini Roadworks "Bedouin" Truck 
  • MedWagon
  • Mercedes SpaceWagon 2000
  • New American Autoworks Ambunaught
  • New American Autoworks Ambunaught Police Paramedic Version
  • New American Motors "Armadillo" Armored Road-Home 
  • New American Motors Nautilus Mini Road-Home
  • Paneurope Zobel (EuroLAV II) 
  • Spinelli Autotech "Nomad" 
  • Spinelli Autotech Shiltron Twin Cab


  • 2 1/2-Ton Truck 
  • 40-Ton 8x8 Truck 2 Varies 
  • Big Bus 
  • Crash Wagon
  • Komatsu-Peterbilt K
  • MAC-Deux "Monster" 
  • Militech "Comscan" Mobile Command Vehicle 
  • Militech IVa Central Mobile Command and Control Center 
  • 200 Trailer 20 Cab
  • 30 Trailer 250,000 Protect & Serve
  • New American Autoworks "Vulture" Heavy Tow Truck 
  • Peterbilt 2000
  • Firestorm Shockwave
  • Tetracorp DR2100 Multi-fuel Longnose
  • Yakurichi-Ural BR70 Heavy Transporter


  • Arasaka Combat 10
  • Army M-15 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • BMP-3 IFV 
  • BMW 910a Police Combat 
  • BMW 910b Perpetrator Transport 
  • M-62 "Volcano" SAM Launcher 
  • Mitsubishi "Musashi" SWAT Mini-Tank 
  • Paneurope Gladiator Armored Car 
  • U.S. M-50 Tank Hunter


  • Bensen Cascade 
  • Cadence Industries HoverVan 
  • GEB Duster 
  • GMI HovTransport 
  • GMI Hovertruck 
  • Kundalini Roadworks GevHog 
  • Militech
  • Navy 
  • Nissan-Ford FanMaster


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