Fortnite: Deep In The Belly Of The Shark Beskar Ingot Location


Fortnite Season 5 has finally arrived and features everyone's favourite Bounty Hunter as a special Battle Pass skin.

The Mandalorian skin is unique as its one of the rare crossover skins in this season (big thanks to Disney) but also has upgradable armour.

This armour, like in the show, can be upgraded and added to Mando's existing armour.

These armour pieces are strategically placed around the map - including one that is hidden 'Deep In The Beel Of The Shark'

Here's where to find it.

Deep In The Belly Of The Shark

Players will need to travel around the map to collect "Beskar Ingots".

This is the same Mandalorian Armor Material you see in the show.

This will slowly start to upgrade Mando's armor and seems to have replaced the Awakening Challenges from last season.

To find the Beskar Ingot in the Belly of the Shark, head to Sharky Shell located in the top left of the island.

As you fly in, you'll see a Shark's head, head inside the Sharks head.

Once inside, head straight into the main room and build a staircase going up to the left.

You'll see a vault door in front of you. Head inside and the Beskar Ingot will be on the back shelf in the corner.

This will attach a plate to Mando's left thigh.

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