Pokemon GO Shiny Klefki Guide: How To Catch Shiny Klefki

Time to add this key to your collection, Klefki!

Klefki, the Steel, Fairy type Pokemon.

I didn't know keys could be so adorable.

Somehow Pokemon managed to do it.

We're going to run you through getting a Shiny Klefki to add to your Pokedex!

Shiny Klefki Guide

If you've caught any Shiny Pokemon yet you may know just how long it can take.

In some cases, especially rare Pokemon it's definitely a grind.

Although at least you have bragging rights when you do get a Shiny.

Where To Find Shiny Klefki

Shiny Klefki can be found in the wild.

You'll find Klefki spawning more in snowy weather or cloudy.

Snow increases Steel type Pokemon spawns and cloudy increases Fairy type spawns.

As well as that they can be found in Eggs, Research Encounters and Raids.

Currently, Klefki is only appearing in France until the 8th of December.

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