Pokemon GO Pokemon Tagging Update: How Does It Work?

Gotta Tag ‘Em All

Coming in December we have a bunch of new updates and features coming to Pokemon Go, but Tagging might just be one of the best quality of life improvements we've had in a while.

If you’re tired of having to search through hundreds of ‘mons for the one you need, Tags may be perfect for you.

They allow you to sift through your collection in moments – here's how it works.

When Does Pokemon Tagging Release?

The Pokemon Tagging update is here already as part of the big "Go Beyond" Update.

How Does Tagging Work?

You'll be able to create different types of tags, with a colour and name option.

Say you create a killer lineup for Gym battles – you can tag all Pokemon in that party with a tag so you'll know how to find them. 

It could also be a handy indicator of Pokemon you've earmarked for sending to Pokemon Home, or for trades.

How To Tag

Tagging is a simple process.

Head into your Pokemon menu, and tap "Tags" in the top left corner.

From here, select "Create Tag", along with a name and colour.

Head into the newly created tag and tap in the bottom left to begin adding Pokemon to that category.

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