AC Valhalla: Who Betrayed Soma? Galinn, Burna or Lif

Which One?

AC Valhalla is one of Ubisoft's most ambitious titles for the legendary series in quite some time.

Although the game is not perfect, the setting they have captured within the game is one of a kind.

Valhalla is one of the best looking games of 2020, and the story itself is not to bad! 

One of the storylines in Valhalla will task you with retaking a town with its leader Soma.

After this, you will rescue three of Soma's most loyal soldiers; Lif, Galinn, and Burna.

These three are all unique in their own regards, but Soma notes to you that she suspects one of them has betrayed her.

The next few missions apart of this storyline will task you with completing raids with each of these characters while getting to know them in between.

After you have completed the three separate missions, a new one will prompt you with the tricky decision to inform Soma which one is the traitor.

Here's how to figure it out! 


Note: The next section is filled with Valhalla spoilers! 


Yellow Paint

After you complete taking back the city with Soma; she will note that her tunnel was used to the battle against her oringally.

She notes that only the three soldiers knew about this tunnel, and she will ask you to help find which one betrayed her.

Take this tunnel and you will notice an ample amount of yellow paint marks at the end of the tunnel, along with a trail of paint that leads to the coast. 

Remember this, as this will prove vital for catching the culprit. 

When you are raiding one of the towns with Lif, who is the shipmaster of the town. They will note to you that someone stole their can of yellow paint, so you can cross off Lif right away. 

Now, head back to the place where you found the yellow paint; and make your way back to the coast where the bucket will be.

Head a bit north-west of this location and you will stumble upon some ships. One of these ships will be marked as Galinn's and will be covered in yellow paint.

So, the traitor is Galinn, and Soma will cut his neck off when you tell her.

There is no special bonus for solving this, however, but it appears Soma will trust you more afterward! 

Best of luck in your quest throughout Valhalla. 

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