GTA Online Update Teases GTA 6, Probably Rockstar Trolling Us

We wouldn't put it past those cheeky devs.

The Cayo Perico heist looks to be a huge addition to GTA Online's sprawling criminal playground, but eagle-eyed fans have spotted something just as exciting.

With the heist's early teases come a series of co-ordinates that fans have suggested could be the first official tease for Grand Theft Auto 6.

Here's what we know so far.

GTA Online Update Teases GTA 6, Probably Rockstar Trolling Us

While previous reports had suggested that a sixth instalment is in early development, fans are hopeful that this could be Rockstar beginning what is sure to be a long cycle of teases.

The new heist takes players to a private island, and one of the early trailers, dubbed "surveil.exe" shows a series of coordinates.

@welltest789 on Twitter noted that the coordinates translate to a location in real life via Google Maps.

Check out the image below – sure looks like a "VI", doesn't it?

Could this just be a very elaborate troll?

According to @welltest789, the location is also in Virginia, so the first two letters are "VI" there, too.

We're dubious but given the fervour around GTA 6 (it's been over seven years since GTA V first launched), it's not outside the realms of possibility for Rockstar to "throw a bone" for fans looking for new info.

Now, where are the clues about the next Table Tennis game?

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