Nuketown 1984 Mannequin Easter Egg Guide
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Nuketown 1984 Mannequin Easter Egg Guide

Chris Trout
25 November 2020

Easter's come early!

Nuketown 1984 arrives to Black Ops Cold War next week and players couldn't be more excited to be reunited with this classic map.

With the addition of this map, the total will be brought up to 9! But we'll have to wait until the 24th November to play it.

However, some lucky players have managed to get on to Nuketown early and have even solved the Easter Egg for it!

Here's how to do it and what you can expect.

How To Do The Manakin Easter Egg On Nuketown 1984

In past Call of Duty: Black Ops titles, Nuketown has featured a mannequin Easter Egg!

Once you have shot all of the Mannequins in the map a secret Easter egg will be activated.

The Easter Egg is very fitting to the 1984 theme and brings in a purple and blue Synthwave effect alongside some techno music.

A Synthwave is an electronic music microgenre that is based predominately on the music associated with action, science-fiction, and horror film soundtracks of the 1980s.

Photo via JXnasty02

In Black Ops 2, you could play an old Atari game on the main welcome sign for Nuketown.

In Black Ops 3, the mannequins would come to life and attack you just like zombies.

In Black Ops 4, a rocket would launch out of the ground and into the sky.

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