Animal Crossing New Horizons: New Year's Day Event - Release Date, Fireworks, Rewards and More
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Animal Crossing New Horizons: New Year's Day Event - Release Date, Fireworks, Rewards and More

Nick Farrell
17 November 2020

Happy New Year!

New Horizons is getting a brand new update later this week, and it is promising to be one of the biggest yet.

The new update is going to bring an ample amount of content to your island.

We cannot wait to see what they have in store for the first-ever Toy Day! 

The holiday season is going to be a fantastic time within New Horizons, but Toy Day will not be the last event we see.

When the clock turns midnight on December 31st, we are going to be in a New Year.

This also means we are going to get some more festive updates from Nintendo.

Here's all you need to know about the New Year event within New Horizons! 


Release Date

We can assume the New Year event is going to be a one-day event on January 1st.

However, if there are any special rewards; Nintendo will probably give you more time afterward to obtain these! 



Similar to the world itself, in previous Animal Crossing games, Nintendo has implemented a massive countdown somewhere on the island.

We can assume this will once again be the case.

As well, the countdown clock will probably be right in the middle of your town's plaza! 



Once the clock hits midnight expect a dramatic cut scene, along with some fireworks! 


Previous Games

Check out what occurred in Animal Crossing New Leaf during the New Year's event; courtesy of

Redd, who is by the Town Tree, will give the player a New Year's top hat, or a New Year's party hat. They come in assorted colors, Yellow and Blue for party hats and Red and Green for top hats . The player can also receive a Party Popper, all 3 costing 300 Bells.

Isabelle will give the player an item if she is spoken to twice. The item depends on what country they live in. For example, people in North America get Sparkling Cider.

On New Year's Eve, DJ K.K. will play a remix of the New Leaf Title Theme in Club LOL.

As well, check out the following video of what we can expect this year!

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