Die Maschine: Perseus And Kravchenko Easter Egg
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Die Maschine: Perseus And Kravchenko Easter Egg

Hamish Hector
17 November 2020

Earn 1500 free Zombie Essence

If you want to crack open these free 1500 points, you’ll first need to jump into the Die Maschine zombies map.

Then you’ll need to turn on the power and unlock the pack-a-punch machine.

You can check out our other guides on how to complete these objectives.

Once this is done you’ll have a bit more to do.

How To Earn 1500 Free Points

Firstly grab a weapon you like with a decent cope, such as a sniper rifle, and head to the pack-a-punch machine.

Here, apply the Died Wire ammo mod to it. You don’t have to splash out on the max tier, the basic Tier 1 will do fine!

Next up you’ll need to find four satellites across the map, and when you find them you’ll have to shoot them with your Dead Wire weapon.

They can be found in any order, so don’t worry if you miss one out and have to go back.

You’ll have to shoot each of them several times, you’ll know when to stop as the satellite will shoot off a blue spark cloud when it enters the right position.

The satellites can be found in four locations:

1. Yard

This is right by the spawn of the map, so shouldn’t be too tough.

2. Penthouse

The second satellite is right behind the crash site.

3. Pond

The third satellite is found roughly behind the plane’s wing.

4. Pond

The final satellite is off in the distance in the pond area.

You’ll know when you have succeeded as blue bolts will fire from each and converge in the middle of the map.

You’ll then hear a character called Valentina read out some numbers, 345834825.

Using this code you translate a message which references P, K and G. Given this is Black Ops Cold War P and K are Perseus And Kravchenko, with G likely being Gorbachev!

If you move up to where the lines converged you also find three stacks of points (or Zombie Essence) for you to collect!

If you’re still having some trouble, check out this video below from TheGamingRevolution!

We hope this guide helps you

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