Valorant: Update 1.13 Patch Notes, Release Date And Download Time
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Valorant: Update 1.13 Patch Notes, Release Date And Download Time

Chris Trout
23 November 2020

It's going to be a while...

After patch 1.11 caused some serious problems for Valorant, 1.12 ended up being a much smaller and tamed update for Riot Games FPS.

It's made Riot reconsider how often they update the popular PC titles and what those updates will include.

As a result, we'll be waiting over a month between updates.

Overall, it's probably a positive step as it's simply impossible to produce a major update every fortnight; especially in these trying times.

Patch 1.13 Release Date

The next Valorant update, patch 1.13, will release on the 8th December 2020.

This will likely be the last update of 2020.

What's Coming In The Update?

Viper Buffs

Players have expressed their concerns over Viper losing her sting.

Now dubbed the weakest agent in the game, players have urged Riot to do something to bring the face of Valorant back into the spotlight.

Altombre has admitted that the Agent does need a buff, but changing Agents during the competitive months is a hazardous ordeal.

Altombre said on Reddit:

"Not for a bit, we're holding back on big changes during First Strike. We still think she needs a bit of help but it'll probably be a few patches before we get Viper anything substantial."

One user commented on the fact that Brimstone needed some serious love.

"We agree! We’ve got some Brim buffs that we’re testing internally, but don’t want to release them and shake things up too badly during First Strike. Controllers are definitely on our mind, though!"

Deathmatch And Practice Range Changes

Riot devs recently teased that major changes are coming to Deathmatch and Practice Range modes.

These changes could change the way we warm-up and practice before loading into a game and would be of huge benefit to the game!

Future Updates

In an 'Ask Valorant', the team answered a few important community questions.

The first being a request to see how many hours players had spent in the game

Riot answered with the following:

"We want players to have ways to show off their investment in VALORANT whether that's their ability to climb the ladder or to showcase how long they've been playing. We're still exploring the most exciting way to do so but rest assured there will be ways to display your dedication in the future."

They were also asked about transferring accounts to other regions, to which Riot responded:

"This is something we definitely know is important, and it’s on our list behind a couple of other critical priorities for VALORANT. We'd like it to be sooner, but it's looking this option will be available towards the middle of 2021."

They have also confirmed that Tournament Realms (basically, a private server) will be coming soon. 

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