Xbox Series X and Series S: How to Acces Cloud Saves
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Xbox Series X and Series S: How to Acces Cloud Saves

Hamish Hector
10 November 2020

Let's get in sync

You’ve just got your brand new Xbox Series X or Series S and you want to play games on it right?

Maybe you want to see an enhanced version of a title you owned on your Xbox One?

But you don’t want to start from scratch again, right? You have other games to be playing, you can’t just revisit old titles all the time!

If you want to know how to access your Cloud Saves, here’s our guide.

And with all the time replaying this will have saved you, why not see which games you should fill your time with by playing one of these amazing Series X titles!

How To Access Cloud Saves from Xbox One, 360 and Original games

First off, you’ll have to enable Cloud Saves on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console.

We know you love that new machine, but put it down for a second and return to your old boxes for just a minute.

You’ll need to sign in and connect to Xbox Live.

With this, your cloud saves should sync in the cloud automatically, as we reported on a while ago you no longer need Xbox Gold for this!

So by just connecting to the internet, your consoles should start to upload your cloud save data.

With that all sorted, you can now return to your next-gen device and access your cloud saves.

Just sign in and then download or load in the disc for whatever game you want to play.

If your cloud saves are synced from your old console, the Xbox Series X/S game should automatically load that data for you!

Easy peasy!

If you have any issues, just make sure your old console had time to sync the saves.  It shouldn’t take very long but if you only had it connected to the internet for a second you may need to wait a little longer!

How To Backup Cloud Saves from Xbox Series X and Series S

If you instead want to back up the saved data from your new games, the process is just as easy as on other consoles.

Simply sign in on your machine, connect to Xbox Live and your game saves should update all on their own!

We hope this guide helps! Be sure to check out our others should you need them!

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