Destiny 2 Beyond Light Power Cap Confirmed, Including Soft, Hard and Pinnacle Numbers
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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Power Cap Confirmed, Including Soft, Hard and Pinnacle Numbers

Lloyd Coombes
9 November 2020

Set your sights high, Guardian.

Destiny 2's next era kicks off tomorrow, with Beyond Light landing on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia on November 10.

As longtime players will know, that means that the Power Cap is about to increase, with the new raid requiring a hefty 1230 Power Level to be able to attempt.

Here's everything you need to know about the Soft, Hard and Pinnacle caps for Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Power Caps

The first thing worth noting is that Bungie has put measures in place to stop players reaching the Raid level requirement of 1230 with too much ease.

Players often farmed bounties and only turned them in once an expansion launched to give them a boost, but you'll have no such luck this time around.

Because your Power Level is essentially made up of an average score for all of your equipped gear, you'll have to rely on RNG to ensure you level each slot of your armour and weapons up, but Destiny 2 has made big strides in preventing too much frustration in those instances.

Check out our full Power Level guide for more.

So, what are the caps?

  • Soft Cap – 1200 Power Level
  • Hard Cap – 1250 Power Level
  • Pinnacle Cap – 1260 Power Level

As a refresher, the soft cap will be the easiest one to hit. Doing so only requires Blue (Rare) and Purple (Legendary) gear, and you'll likely fly through just by playing the Beyond Light campaign, if previous efforts are anything to go by.

Then there are Lost Sectors and Heroic Public Events, as well as Crucible matches, that'll mean you're likely to hit 1200 Power pretty smoothly.

That's where things get a little tougher, as your progress from the Soft cap of 1200 to 1250 (the Hard cap) is likely to be much slower.

You'll essentially need to complete Powerful and Pinnacle activities, shown on your in-game Director. So, playing a number of Strikes or Crucible matches each week will help, as will collecting Prime Engrams on your travels.

You'll also want to try and maximise other characters you may have to enable you to grab each weekly reward three times.

Once you're at the Hard Cap, the final ten power levels are undeniably a grind. You'll essentially need to complete high-level content like the upcoming Raid and Trials of Osiris to get to the top of the expansion.

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